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Experience & Creativity

Each of our handmade products are crafted by the hands of a woodworker with over 20 years of experience.



A Passion for Detail

How simple? As simple as a couple of clicks, a bit of shipping and a piece of functional art is added to your home! 

My heart is for sustainable and ethical practices behind the scenes. An early model I learned from backpacking is “Leave No Trace.” With every purchase, we give back to the National Forest Foundation to plant a tree. One purchase equals one tree. In this way, we help ensure that our business leaves no footprint on Planet Earth and helps us protect this beautiful creation for generations to come. 

Our products reflect the timeless values of artisan craftsmanship. Depending on the pieces, it's either crafted using premium hardwoods, reclaimed wood, or live edge timbers.

I create pieces you can enjoy for years to come.  If you ever encounter a design flaw or craftsmanship issue, I will fix or replace the piece–you only pay to ship. I'm also always available to help you maintain the look of your wood. 


Howell, MI


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